restaurant joint – consumer brand – food court

Whether you are a small privately owned restaurant chain, a national franchising joint, a restaurant brand, or a food court, you have a strong brand identity and a place where people enjoy with good food and drinks. Regardless of a location in downtown or next to a highway, your lifeline is that lively buzz in your restaurant – customers coming and coming again. The additional challenge you face every day is that you need to serve fresh food made of fresh ingredients – and before the ingredients go bad. You probably are using the digital channel for your benefit, e.g., your locations and menus are in the web and you are probably active in the social media. But you are struggling to find a solution for consumers to find your brand, your restaurant and your products amongst the vast amount of different websites and social media pages – your consumer is an instant buyer making their decision irrationally instantly. In this digital transformation, how to get people to come to your restaurant instead of picking the restaurant next to you? And how to make restaurant visitors satisfied loyal customers? And how to do all this effectively, cost efficiently, and strenghtening your brand?

How to target marketing to fill up the silent hours and to better engage consumers in the ever changing business environment?