Oikian provides mobile marketing solution to Sports Car Center and Arita Group

Sports Car Center Oy and Arita Group car dealers have signed an agreement with Oikian for a mobile marketing solution. The solution will serve new car and used car owners and car service customers, and it includes iPhone and Android applications and a content delivery backend system. The solution will pilot in Finland later this year having Oikian Solutions Ltd as the technology provider. ”Customer satisfaction is our outmost goal. We can serve our customers much better by bringing personal offers and car service history to their phones”, says Markus Freund, CEO of Sports Car Center Oy. Mikko Lietsalmi, CEO of Oikian Solutions Ltd, continues: ”We are extremely happy to be able to help Sports Car Center and Arita Group serving their customers better. The mobile applications will introduce car ownership optimised features, never seen before in the market.”

About Sports Car Center and Arita
Sports Car Center Oy and Arita Group companies are passanger car and light motor vehicle dealers in Finland. They belong to the Catamount Group.

About Oikian
Founded in 2011, Oikian Solutions Ltd is an international thought leader on mobile marketing business and technologies. Oikian provides a mobile marketing platform that offers turnkey solutions to consumer targeting. Oikian empowers retailers and media companies to build loyalty and engage their consumers through personalised and targeted ads, which increases conversions and footfall.