Case: Mobile solution for publishing

As we all know, publishing and especially printed newspapers have been struggling for quite a few years. The change in media consumption is clear and it is permanent – consumers spend less and less time with printed media and more and more time with digital and mobile media. Is there a way to bring the good sides of both the publishing business and mobile technology together in a way that would excite consumers so much that publishing companies can jump from the sinking business to a growth path? Let me tell you about a case we have made with one of our media business customers.

Case: Newspaper mobile app

The management of the newspaper made a decision to provide more value to their most loyal readers. For that purpose we developed a solution that can show exclusive benefits from the local businesses, a monthly draw for special gifts and local breaking news. All the benefits and breaking news are managed with their existing processes, i.e., reporters decide what news are breaking news and customer relationship personnel takes care of the special benefits. They can manage all this content very dynamically so that whenever there is something to tell to the local people, that message is immediately delivered through a mobile app. The results? People who have downloaded the mobile app are using it on daily basis. Statistics show that retention is higher that with any of the hit games. We have seen 300% growth in mobile app usage weeks after weeks.

So what is the trick to make this huge success? Local dynamic content and notifying people about it. Whenever there is an accident or other kind of local breaking news, the phone beeps and the app tells the news before anyone else. People are able to avoid areas of conjunction, they are able to find places of interest and, in general, they keep themselves up-to-date about what is happening around them. At the same time they feel that they get very exclusive service: breaking news faster than from anywhere else, exclusive offers only for them and draws only available for them.

As a conclusion, local publishing companies have extremely valuable assets that are applicable to mobile use. They are the trusted partner for local businesses and they are the only one to be able to write about the local news. We at Oikian know how to bring publishing business and mobile technology together.

Editor: Mikko Lietsalmi, CEO of Oikian Solutions