Oikian: Right technologies for local businesses

At the Oikian Solutions our starting point was to think of you, the merchant. You who have a local brick and mortar business. Whether it is in the basement of a city centre apartment building or at a major shopping centre, your situation is the same: around your store there are customers who would like to buy your products or services. You just need to let them know where to find you and what you can offer to them.

What elements consist your products? What are you competing with besides your products? Our answer: you are competing with good personal service and with the fact that you are just in the right place at the right time. Right where customers are. So the solution that will bring you two together is constructed from the same building blocks : time, place, personal service. Once a customer is near your business and has a intention to buy something, they are almost at your store. Your job is to tell them where to come in that very moment. Oikian has developed a tool, which is a direct channel from you to the customer ‘s pocket. The information about your company and your offers fly to their personal phone when they are close to your store. They immediately see where they should go and what they get from there .

You do not need to understand the technology behind our solution. We at the Oikian Solutions take care of the rest – and your customers will always be aware of you. We select the right technologies for your business needs. The technology may take advantage of the mobile device location data and target marketing in almost scientific precision exactly to the right person, at the right time and in the right place. Just to mention a few technologies, we can take into use location technologies like beacons or indoor positioning; notification technologies like geofencing or interactive notifications; or technologies to interface with store inventory systems. We have the experience and knowledge to pick the best technologies for your business. We know how to drive footfall to your store.