Oikian use case: Loyalty card

Oikian Solutions Ltd has developed a mobile loyalty card solution to integrate existing loyalty card functionality with mobile targeting. The main idea is to offer loyal customer benefits, special offers and breaking news via a mobile application and integrate the loyalty card to the application.

The solution has several key functionalities: benefits and special offers are location and time based, notifications are personalised, and news are offered first to the loyalty application users. Also location based notifications can be used to inform customers about benefits when they are close to them. In addition, there is a lottery feature – all loyalty customers have an easy ‘one button press’ way to participate. The solution is also a great way to reduce the cost and work related to mailing of physical loyalty cards to the customers.

The basic use case is very simple. The consumer installs the application, signs in with their own credentials, and the loyalty card is downloaded into the application. Then loyalty consumer benefits and offers are visible and ready to use. The application provides two easy ways to explore the benefits via a simple list view with categories, and a map view to check what benefits are nearby right now.

Oikian Solutions Ltd provides turn-key loyalty solutions for media companies, publishing, retail, and restaurants. The system utilises the latest mobile technologies to provide extreme consumer targeting, enabling the engagement to be personal resulting in higher conversation rates.