Cityguide Finland Oy chooses the mobile marketing solution from Oikian Solutions Ltd

Cityguide Finland Oy signed today an agreement with Oikian Solutions Ltd for a turn-key mobile marketing solution. Cityguide Finland Oy is a Helsinki based marketing company providing solutions to tourists and businesses willing to address tourists in their area.

“We will be able to provide a mobile guide to tourists with the solution provided by Oikian Solutions Ltd. oikian has their system available now. It means that process from idea to production using the Oikian system is very short, so we will be able to launch the product very soon after the contract,” Perttu Isotalo, the CEO of Cityguide Finland Oy, said.

“At Oikian Solutions Ltd we are very delighted to be able to provide our solution to Cityguide Finland Oy. I am sure that Cityguide will bring to market an excellent product to match perfectly needs of tourists,” said Mikko Lietsalmi, the CEO of Oikian Solutions Ltd.

Link to the Cityguide Finland Oy web site is